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Root Canal Therapy


Root Canal Therapy Can Preserve Your Teeth

If you are experiencing advanced tooth decay, a root canal performed at our Rancho Santa Margarita practice can restore the health of your smile. Dr. Scott Karafin uses advanced tools and techniques to eliminate advanced tooth decay, and restore treated teeth with beautiful custom dental crowns. If you are suffering with a painful toothache, contact us immediately. Dr. Karafin can determine whether a root canal or other treatment is the best means of achieving relief.

What Is A Root Canal?

Root canals are chambers that run from the gums, through tooth roots, into the center of a tooth. The center chamber is filled with pulp (a combination of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue). Teeth are alive, so they require a healthy blood flow. The blood vessels that run through root canals sustain the life of the tooth. If tooth decay advances to the inner pulp of your tooth, root canal therapy becomes essential to preserve the outer structure of the tooth.

What to Expect

If you require a root canal, the only healthy alternative is to have the tooth extracted. Root canal therapy is the conservative treatment option. At your appointment, Dr. Karafin will numb the tooth and surrounding tissues with a local anesthetic. He will make a small opening in the tooth, through which he will remove the infected tissues in the tooth’s chamber and root canals. To remove infection and debris, Dr. Karafin uses EndoTouch®, a cordless rotary system that efficiently removes bacteria, while keeping debris away from the operative area. Finally, you will be left with a sterile outer tooth structure, free of decay.

Crown Placement and Bleaching

Your tooth may not have enough structural integrity after the root canal therapy for a filling. In this case, the dentist can place a flexipost into your tooth for added support. He will then build the tooth up with composite or cement to provide a solid base for a dental crown. A color-matched crown will cover your tooth, leaving it structurally sound with a natural appearance. If your root canal therapy was to an anterior, or front, tooth, Dr. Karafin can bleach the inside of the tooth and opt to use a filling instead of a crown, for optimal aesthetics.

The Benefits of Undergoing Early Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Karafin prefers to preserve natural teeth. If root canal therapy can save your tooth, you should undergo treatment before your situation declines. If you neglect root canal treatment, your tooth will eventually die and require extraction, because the infection will not clear up on its own. If the infection spreads, you may need extensive restorative dental care. The earlier the decay is eradicated, the easier it will be to restore your oral health.

The GentleWave Procedure

GentleWave® Procedure is a minimally invasive alternative to standard root canal treatment. The innovative procedure utilizes Multisonic Ultracleaning technology, which enables procedure fluids to reach through the entire root canal system, providing efficient cleaning of the complex root canal anatomies.

Unlike ultrasonic wavelength technology, which is widely used in dentistry, the GentleWave Procedure uses multisonic technology. This means that multiple acoustic frequencies are generated at the same time, and when this technology is paired with optimized procedure fluids, the GentleWave System cleans even the deepest, most complex portions of the root canal system.

To visualize how Multisonic Ultracleaning works, envision a vortex of cleaning fluids traveling into the roots of your tooth. Even though the root canal system can be very complex, with several twists and turns, this vortex of fluids is able to reach the deepest portions that the files used in standard RCT simply cannot.

Contact Us for an Appointment

Don’t wait any longer if your tooth hurts, or if you suspect it is infected. The sooner you come into our office, the faster we can reduce your pain, treat the problem, and restore health. Dr. Karafin and our team are happy to answer all of your questions and put you at ease regarding your root canal therapy. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


Family dentist Scott Karafin in Rancho Santa Margarita can help you and your entire family to enjoy outstanding oral health. He offers comprehensive general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services in a relaxing, friendly environment.

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